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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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[laughter] (olivia) you're being silly. [laughter]
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word tonight that one of the 49ers rising stars is being investigated for sexual assault just ahead of the biggest game of his career. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank and julie are off
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tonight. a shocking allegation against michael crabtree. san francisco police revealed tonight they are investigating the 25-year-old in connection with an allegation of sexual assault. we get the developing news from ktvu's amber lee. she's live in the city with what we know about the alleged assault and some initial reaction, amber. >> reporter: ken, news that the 49 wide receiver is being investigated for sexual assault comes as a surprise to the 49 fans we spoke to here at momo's tonight. the 25-year-old is having what some would characterize a break out season after being drafted by the 49 in 2009. the alleged assault happened in a san francisco early last sunday just hours after the 4- 9ders played the packers. police did not name the hotel just a short while ago a spokesman for the police department told us investigators interviewed crabtree who had an attorney with him and said the football player was cooperative. >> at this point he has not
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been detained or arrested. to my knowledge he was on the plane with the rest of the 49ers today in atlanta ready to play the game on sunday. >> reporter: we found these 49er fans at momo's they told us they want more details before they jump to any conclusions. >> i think that's terrible. i can't believe that he's actually being accused. >> shocked. i mean it's so new so the details have to come out and you have to figure it out later. but hopefully they take the win, they take the win and we'll go after that. >> innocent until proven guilty. i think it's a distraction merely for the fact that it's a distraction and that we have a big game coming up and they just want to distract us. >> too many times in the past. people try and take advantage of people in the limelight and celebrities by accusing them. >> reporter: we just got this video within the past hour of
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the 49er team bus arriving in the atlanta area. crabtree is expected to play in sunday's nfc championship game. police say once the investigation is completed the case will be turned over to the das office. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now 49ers general manner trent baalke released a statement it said in part. we are aware of the allegations against michael and understand that he has fully cooperated with the investigators. more on the team's preparation today and why coach harbaugh warns about being over confident. san francisco police are also trying to figure out what caused an accident that killed a pedestrian this evening in the city south of market neighborhood. it happened about 5:45 this evening on howard street near howard and seventh. investigators are still trying to figure out whether the victim a woman in her 40s was in the crosswalk when she was struck by two cars. one man who lives in the area
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tell us that intersection is busy and dangerous. >> people drive crazy here. i walk home. i walk to and from work and i have to tell you, probably at every corner a car cuts in front of me while i'm in the crosswalk. >> reporter: we're told the drivers of both cars stayed on the scene and are cooperating with investigators. >> emotions were running high when a fight broke out. matt keller witnessed the melee and tells us the incident stands from a murder case and allegations of vigilante justice. >> reporter: family and friends of 26-year-old ricardo hernandez streamed out of the courthouse this afternoon after showing up to support the second degree murder suspect. they were being taunted by the family of 36-year-old christopher soriano the man killed on december 31st in san jose in what police describe
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was a citizens arrest gone now.soriano's family tell us they're upset that hernandez is being shown as a hero. the man confronted him and officers say that's when hernandez shot the unarmed soriano with an illegally bought gun. >> he killed a man, a father of five children. took my son away from me. and they're saying he's a hero for a petition asking for leniency has received 500 signatures. and family says they're also getting a letter of support. >> everybody in our city feels that they are not secure and what is going to happen to them? that's why it speaks to them
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directly, it could be their son on either side. >> reporter: prosecutors told us today's plea hearing is being delayed because the investigation is ongoing. solano's next court hearing is scheduled for january 26. retiring san jose police chief chris moore received a warm send off in the south bay. moore was the guest of honor at a retirement party. he's 56 years old and spent 27 of those years with the san francisco police department including the last two as chief. moore said he decided to retire after the city council refused to put a sales tax hike on the november ballot which he wanted to help fund the department. university of california president mark yudolf announced today he plans to step down in august. yudolff says he's been dealing with a number of health issues and while he's overcome them he says it's time to change his professional life. he says he plans to return to
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uc berkeley to teach law. uc berkeley says it's received a report number of applications for the next freshman class. some 67,000 people have applied. that's a 10% hike from last year when 61,000 tried to get in. freshman applicants can expect to hear if they were expected on march 28. transfer students will know on april 26th. california's latest employment report shows job growth holding steady statewide while the bay area saw its best year in more than a decade. unemployment remained at 9.8% that's the same as december. the nine county region added more than 91,000 jobs that's the best annual growth in a dozen years since 2000. that's when the bay area added 129,000 jobs at the height of the dot com surge.
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the dow is at its highest point since the market bottomed out in march 2009. >> we're at a high since the recession started, one two as traders like to say the trend is your friend and the trend over the past four months is up. >> here's a five year chart of the dow from january 2008 until now. u.s. markets are closed on monday for the martin luther king jr. holiday. elite surfers from all over the world are making their way to the bay area for the mavericks surf contest this sunday. we have team coverage coming for you with noelle walker with the dangers the waves hold for those in and out of the water, noelle. >> reporter: pacifica brought people out to dip their feet in the water not knowing there's a
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high surf advisory. >> it doesn't look like it no. they probably should advise a little bit more because that looks deceiving. >> reporter: the coast guard is warning people to look out for sneaker waves. several people have died this year being washed out to sea, some of them trying to rescue their dogs caught in the waves. >> neither one of us can swim. >> reporter: a sneaker wave wiped out spectators at the last mavericks competition. this weekend's advisory is from shore to sea. >> you have a wave that's 30, 40 feet the pleasure craft is not going to fare too well in that situation. >> reporter: the men who ride mountains will be in the middle of it. the swell that will fuel mav ricks 30-foot waves moves in tomorrow, sunday morning it will test the best of the best big wave surfers. >> the guys that are surfing in this are going to need everything they know about surfing to survive the waves.
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>> excuse me guys. >> reporter: local restaurants will be tested too. >> way too many customers and probably not enough food. >> reporter: now tomorrow mavericks will meet at the oceano for a festival that will include jumbotrons and mcs. the hotel is fully booked through the weekend. noelle walker. >> those waves are something. >> now to meteorologist mark tamayo on where the waves are now. >> if you look out to the coast we actually had small waves the conditions will be changing quite a bit as we head into the weekend. take a look at the maps right now. we will take a look at the buoy reports. the buoy model the highs currently 4 feet offshore. way out here in the pacific to the north of hawaii waves are right around 21 feet.
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this swell produced by a super storm that was stronger at one point. stronger than the super storm sandy. so waves developing offshore. as a result that high surf advisory not in effect just yet. this begins tomorrow at 10:00 lasting until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow as we head into sunday 15 to 20 feet. this could be very dangerous it's called a long period swell because you will have a set swell move in and then the seas calm down for a few minutes, people want to go to the ocean and play in the water then you get a bigger wave that comes in. so very deceasing as we get into the weekend. the energy gets focused closer to pillar point. waves could be topping 30 feet as we head into sunday morning. ideal conditions great weather conditions for the surf contest and for the entire bay area. coming up we'll take a closer look at your weekend outlook coming up in a few ktvu for
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continuing coverage. news chopper 2 will be flying over mavericks sunday morning. our coverage begins with mornings on two. and you can watch all of it online on or use our mobile app. caltrans announced they will begin the fender line on the golden gate bridge. caltrans has allocated $3 million for the repair work. the project is expected to last 4-1/2 months. an oil tanker sideswiped the fender early last week causing that damage. the 49ers aren't taking a championship victory for granted. >> it seems like our football team is determined. >> their strategy to overcome overconfident. >> a skewers rescued after an avalanche. the mistake he doesn't want anyone else to make. >> coming up in 90 seconds. attracting campers and criticism. >> i don't think it's a real great idea. >> an event that has taken over a bay area city.
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new at 10:00, a culture crash tonight. hundreds of dead heads have descended on tony mill valley for a concert many can't get into. >> reporter: it's four nights of further the great incarnation of the grateful dead and where they play, the tribe follows.
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with grateful dead originals bob ware and phil nesh at the sweet water music hall. a sold out crowd of 300 swayed and dance as dead heads do. while across the street on the lawn at city hall. bongos are busy as fans who can't get in entertain themselves. the finger in the air the signal no ticket. >> i've seen them 20 or 30 difficult times. >> reporter: following further, although he was a toddler when the dead disbanded. >> you just have to go there and meet all the people. the people are great. the people are nice. it's like a little community. >> reporter: and how is the mill valley community reacting. camping in city hall, mill valley. i don't know. a couple of days or nights i think that's too much. >> reporter: people wander into neighborhoods. >> that porch. >> reporter: some are sleeping in their cars showing all the signs of a long road trip.
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>> for us that's a great thing. that's really the roots of this club. >> reporter: management expected the nomads and learns from past experience positioned porta potties outside the club. they say complaints have been few. >> less than we expected, less than the last time they were here. >> reporter: and the mayor is fueling about how people are spending money. >> it's safe, and people are spending money that's what you want here in town. >> reporter: still one more hour left in tonight's show and when it's over crew from the club and the band will sweep city hall urging campers to clean up and clear out until tomorrow at daylight. we're live in mill valley. deborah villalon. we're now getting a look at
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a skier stranded by a avalanche. this video was taken on a helmet camera. the skier acknowledges mistakes were made by he and his teammate including skiing over the line and not equipping the skier. a missing berkeley woman and her boyfriend have been found dead in shasta county. the bodies of 52-year-old camille shoburn and aaron ide near the community of manton where ide lived. there was no evidence of foul play and it appeared colburne and ide became disoriented when temperatures fell and darkness fell. mirkarimi and his wife are
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being sued by their neighbor. it claims that mirkarimi and lopez made misleading comments. a win means they go on to new orleans for super bowl xlvii. as allie rasmussen reports, fans are ready. >> i was trying to take pictures of the team trying to take some snapshots so i can share them with my kids. >> reporter: off the practice field, team spirits were high.
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>> it feels like our team is determined, focused, ready to get on a plane and get ready to play a football game. >> reporter: after last weekend's decisive win against the packers, odd makers have listed the niners as five game favorites. >> we've been doing that preparation and getting ready for this test. >> reporter: kaepernick says there's no time for nerves or anything else between now and sunday. >> i don't have time to stop and think right now. there's too much work to be done. >> reporter: in the shadow of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara the team packed up their duffel bags and minutes later boarded the buses on their way to atlanta. >> see you later. >> reporter: coach harbaugh was asked about the possibility of playing against the baltimore ravens in the super bowl. his brother john is the head
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coach of that team but harbaugh says he hasn't spoken to his brother at all this week. in san jose, allie rasmus, ktvu. >> our niner coverage starts at 9:30 sunday morning with championship play book. kick off time is a little after noon and following the game is point after. black ice is being blamed for a multi car crash in sonoma county yesterday morning. happened just before 6:00 a.m. near the russian river. a car hit a patch of black ice, spun out and overturned. a second car crashed into the first and a third car swerved to avoid both vehicles and ran off the road. no one was seriously hurt. tomorrow will mark the seventh winter spare the air alert of the season and the fourth consecutive alert this week. air quality officials say pollution levels will remain at a dangerous level again tomorrow. they say a high pressure system is trapping pollutants close to the ground. the ban applys to the burning
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of any solid fuel in fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. our stable weather pattern continues over the entire bay area with mostly clear skies out there. we could have some patchy fog reforms in some of the inland valleys as we head into the overnight hours. it is pretty chilly as you can see already some 30s out toward santa rosa. napa right now, san francisco holding on to the lower 50s right around 62 degrees. first thing saturday morning, definitely want to bundle up in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. fair skies and patchy dense fog. especially in the valley that could impact your visibility. 30s and 40s at 7:00. look what happens into the afternoon a nice recovery. back up into the 50s to the low to mid-60s coming up we'll take a detailed look at the forecast high in your neighborhood. also when we could be tracking shower chances in your five day forecast. we knew it was coming, the severe flu that spread across the u.s. has arrived here in california. health officials said today flu
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cases in the state have reached a widespread level. the state's number of outpatient visits and hospitalizations for flu is higher than normal for this time of year that could mean an early start to the california flu season or a sign that this year's flu could be more severe than usual. so far five californians californians under the age of five have died from the flu. coming up, what lance armstrong revealed tonight and when he got emotional. >> and freed. the untold number of americans still unaccounted for.
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continuing coverage now of
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the hostage crisis in algeria. an american has been identified from texas. we have the latest on survivors on day four, jana katsuyama has the latest. >> reporter: we learned from a news agency that the attackers say a group of 30 fighters entered the country from libya and attacked the bp plan. right now we understand there's apparently a stand off with algerian troops and there might have been explosives at the plant right now along with hostages. emotional hugs today and immense relief from those hostages who have made it out of the bp gas plant alive. their hearts going out to the 45 foreign nationals still unaccounted for. >> as much as we're glad to be out our thoughts are still with the colleagues in there at the
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moment. >> our hearts go out to everybody in there. >> reporter: today freed hostages told how the militants stormed the living quarters of the bp gas plant in eastern algeria wednesday morning. separating the foreigners from algerians. one hostage said he was forced to wear explosives around his neck. an estimated 400 foreign nationals were freed in the government's rescue attempt thursday. up to 18 militants and 12 hostages were killed including fredrick butacchio of katy texas. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary. >> reporter: the group has a history of taking hostages for millions of the dollars in ransom. >> basically got its start in by kidnapping 30 odd european tourists since then they've
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been involved in kidnapping, they've become involved in drug smuggling. >> tonight there are reports that the kidnappers want to trade two american hostages for two suspected terrorists in the u.s. custody. but ken and gasia right now the u.s. says they will not do that. that's out of the question. they will not negotiate with terrorists. >> jana, thank you. foreigner new orleans mayor ray negin has been indicted on federal chargings. nagen faces 21 corruption charges that include bribery. his arrangement is set for january 21st. his allegations are connected to corruption. nagin gained notoriety during hurricane katrina when he spoke out to the government's response. an american team joined japanese officials examining a 787 that had to make an
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emergency rapidding -- landing because of a fire in a lithium battery. the obama administration has announced plans to sell its ownership stake in general motors. the government put $50 million into gm and chrysler. the plans to start selling its remaining shares over the past year or so. the selling price of the shares will determine if u.s. taxpayers take a loss on the bail out. he's packing his bags, why this bay area 15-year-old was picked to attend monday's presidential inauguration. but first -- >> we all engage in some degree of deception and lying in order to get along. >> from professional athletes to every day joes, we ask why lying is just human nature for some. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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lance armstrong got emotional when it came to talking about telling his 13- year-old son about doping. he told his son to stop defending him to others. while armstrong is admitting his lies in just the
10:33 pm
past hour or so, manti teo told espn there's no way he could have been part of a hoax involving a fake girlfriend. deceit for many star athletes comes naturally. >> that was my telling moment. >> reporter: lance armstrong lied for yearings. and the fake girlfriend of a football star, also a lie. although we're still learning what role manti teo played in the hoax. >> we all take part of some kind of lying in order to get along. >> reporter: lying is part of the human nature. in lance armstrong's case. >> perhaps narcissistic behavior. if it's in my strategic advantage to lie i will do so. >> reporter: in teo's case which is still growing.
10:34 pm
>> that seems to be more of saving face. >> reporter: we also asked you what motivates people to lie. >> there's a lot of to be gained from lying. especially lance armstrong. >> being a cyclist myself i think he's a big enough victim just like the rest of the cycling world. >> he was probably scared. i would like too if i was scared. >> there was probably one lie and then you had to lie after that. >> reporter: most people will like to give armstrong a second chance quote with all the carnage along the way. now to washington, d.c. where crews were busy preparing for president obama's inauguration. last minute prep is on the way. he'll be sworn in on sunday in a private white house ceremony. then the president will take his oath at a public event on
10:35 pm
monday. an estimated 800,000 people will attend the public inauguration. but that's down from a record 1.8 million in 2008. one of those who will attend the inauguration is an accomplished high school student from the peninsula. he was singled out to receive an inaugural invitation. rob roth visited the team who could not contain his excitement. >> reporter: devonte brown was packing his suitcase today with the help of his mother. the 15-year-old honor student has been picked to attend the presidential inauguration. he is set to leave tomorrow morning. >> when i heard that it would be on martin luther king jr. day i thought that was absolutely perfect. and he's been sworn in with martin luther king jr.'s bible
10:36 pm
so i thought that was really cool. >> even at a young age, devonte has received enough honors and award to fill a notebook. >> reporter: that's the president's award for achievement. >> reporter: he's a member of the national honor society and a football player. he also is involved in numerous clubs and he tutors younger students. >> what we hope he can be for us is our eyes and ears and report back to us the richness in our tradition. the single moment where the national changes power. >> this will give him a firsthand look and meeting people. >> not everybody gets this opportunity so i'm glad i get to.
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>> in pacifica, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. we sat down tonight with robert smith the professor of political science at san francisco state university. we asked him what should be expected during president obama's second term in office. >> it's just going to be i think for the next two years in a way just a series of arguments about the budget debts and deficits. i don't see him having an opportunity in the first two years of getting much done. >> reporter: smith said president obama will be remembered for what he's already accomplished. he pointed to the president's efforts to shift resources from the wealthy toward the middle class and those with lower incomes as well as his push for health care reform. >> a new poll shows president obama has some challenges ahead. the wall street journal survey found mr. obama with a 52% disapproval. when asked where america is heading, 33% had positive
10:38 pm
comments and 58 negative. our ken pritchett and tori campbell are headed to the capital. they will have reports continues through inauguration day on monday. a major new honda recall to tell you about tonight. >> also coming up the change in security that you'll notice at two bay area airports. >> the advertised warm up has arrived. coming up the warmest day of the holiday weekend and when shower chances could resurface in the bay area forecast. >> but first, new video of a shooting in oakland tonight. what we've learned on the scene.
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new video now of a shooting in east oakland, police say the victim is a young man he was shot and wounded about 8:30 tonight. we're told he was conscious but in critical condition when he was rushed to the hospital. police said he was shot at least once in the upper body. the shooting took place on congress avenue and high street. witnesses say they heard two shots but said they didn't hear any arguments beforehand. there is word tonight a 3- year-old boy hit by a vehicle last night in oakland is expected to recover police say a woman drop her cell phone, leaned down to pick it up and then hit the boy. it happened on 28th avenue. both the driver and the boy are from oakland but their names have not yet been released.
10:42 pm
the man who gunned down two people at the richmond rafael toll plaza is apparently laughing off his death sentence. nathan burris received his sentence this morning. today burris told the courtroom that what he did is quote in the past. honda is recalling vehicles for faulty parts. some of the vehicles may be missing a rivot. the recall includes pilot odyssey and suvs. for more information you can go to scroll down to hot topics.
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the new car dealers association says new car sales increased by 26%. they said the jump the due in part for increased demand and favorable credit. the tsa received complaints that body scanners are an invasion of privacy. -- a new approach in san francisco to a war on graffiti. plus in news of the world those ranging wildfires burning down under have taken a deadly turn. >> our meteorologist mark tamayo is working on our weekend forecast. find out the best day to get outside. there is no mass produced human.
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in news of the world tonight in australia's wildfires have claimed their first death. a man was found in a burned out car and several more homes were destroyed. firefighters are being stretched to their limit. temperatures there are in the triple digits and there was one record high of 114 degrees. much of the area may get a break with cooler weather and some rain. in russia intense rivalry may be behind an attack on the artistic director of the bole shore ballet. 42-year-old sergi said someone threw acid at his face. he may lose some sight. he says he's been harassed for the past few weeks. the spokeswoman said a disagreement about dancer roles in the company may have been the motive. in rome, long delayed restoration is revealing things never thought.
10:47 pm
the remnants of unexpected red, black and blue frescoes and there's graffiti. the more recent graffiti is from the 1800s and 1943. san francisco police are taking a new approach in the fight against graffiti as ktvu david stevenson says the problem may not be coming from the people you expect. >> really important when we do mural art that we're response sieve to the phaoupbty. >> reporter: san francisco's art commission today showed -- responsive to the community. >> reporter: san francisco's art commission today showed us how they're using art to avoid graffiti. only a small percentage of the tagging in the city is gang related and that there's more than 250 graffiti related arrests each year. >> it's right after the giant's won the world series this year
10:48 pm
we had an explosion of graffiti late october early november. >> san francisco's department of public works says it's seen a slow decline in graffiti. others say community murals once left alone by taggers are now increasingly under attack. >> consistently over the time i've been here i've been cleaning off graffiti. >> reporter: rivera restores murals murals. he says the zero tolerance on graffiti is impossible. >> it's just graffiti, what can you do. >> reporter: the best way to discourage graffiti is to clean it off or paint it off immediately. redwood city police are asking for the public's help to try to identify a suspected arsonist. invest investigators say the man was
10:49 pm
caught on surveillance video shortly before a fire broke out. the blaze caused about $50,000 in damage. police say the suspect is between 17 and 22 years old with a thin mustache and an oakland raiders cap with ear flaps. a man who has been found of burglary has been sentenced to seven years. the man took two apple computers, an i pad, jewelry and several other items from the residency. he told police he did not know the home belonged to the late steve jobs and targeted because it was the house was under construction and dark outside. a blanket of snow has been dumped across several states. officials in alabama reported serious condition in jefferson and walker county. the storm left dozens of customers without power.
10:50 pm
parts of north carolina and mississippi were also hit hard by the storm. well the average highs warm up has arrived. and will continue into the weekend as well. as temperatures this afternoon, look at all the 60s out toward santa rosa. 63, fairfield 63, san francisco 64 and mountain view 65 degrees. we still have a pretty clear weather pattern. a stable one setting up. with that temperatures dropping off already as we showed you. back down into the mid- and upper 30s. napa and santa rosa. downtown san francisco 63 and san jose reporting mostly clear skies and 46. the lake tahoe forecast, a very popular destination this weekend and you will see no threat of showers. same into sunday and 2 degrees will warm you up for the overnight low. but then recovering back up
10:51 pm
into the 40s. just a few high clouds offshore. late tonight into early in the morning patchy fog may be a factor especially in the inland bay valleys. santa rosa they had some dense fog in the morning. that could impact your visibility first thing in the morning. a chilly start with temperatures mainly in the upper 20s to the 30s to the 40s. high pressure continues to push the storm track way up to our north. with that no rainfall just yet. we could be tracking some shower chances into next week. but this weekend will remain dry with still hazy sunshine. temperatures lots of 60s out there. the mavericks surf contest confirmed for sunday. always a challenge because you want strong winds to generate the swells well offshore. when the swells arrive you actually want light winds and that's what we have coming up for sunday. northeasterly. dropping tides throughout the morning hours and lots of sunshine. temperatures though chilly at 8:00 for the first heat in the upper 40s then back up into the lower 60s by 1:00 in the afternoon. at least for tomorrow as you
10:52 pm
can see lots of 60s out there. mostly sunny skies after that cold start. pacifica tops out 63 degrees. san jose in the mid-60s and here's half-moon bay. a look ahead at your five day forecast. temperatures looks like sunday, monday will be the warmest of two days then we are talking about weather changes by tuesday. increasing clouds we'll call that the transition day and that could lead to the chance of showers. but definitely cooler temperatures and more clouds. the weekend will be great but once again we were talking about this earlier. lots of visitors ading -- heading out to the coast. >> don't turn your back to the ocean. >> that's a good real. >> thank you, mark. celebrating some san francisco icons, how two local organizations are marking the 23rd anniversary of the famous sea lions on the city's pier 39. a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and watch all our newscasts live on our mobile device.
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a celebration today in honor of san francisco's famous sea lions at pier 39. for 33 years the california sea lions have been sitting on the dock of the bay watching the
10:56 pm
tide roll away and entertaining crowds of tourists. to commemorate the occasion, the marine center are giving educational walking tours with the sea lions through monday. where is on the road and it's not the start that we're hoping for. >> you go to san antonio you go there for one thing, to lose. now let's see, the last time golden state won a game in san antonio was valentine's day 1987. and the spurs own the best home record in the nba. so you say there's a chance? well spurs led by just one at halftime. then crews delayed the second half by 15 minutes to fix this basket and the coyote even tried to help. but finally, warriors tie it when clay thompson hit this jumper. it's 82-82. thompson scored 21. warriors lose the 28th straight game. tony parker scores two of his
10:57 pm
25 right there. spurs win 85-88. spurs have lost five of their last six. sixth ranked stanford women lost their two home games. 75-49. both teams 4-1 in the top pac12 conference. the last thing the 49ers needed was a distraction before sunday's nfc championship game. but when police start investigating their top receiver michael crabtree about sexual assault allegations then new question about focus and team unity start to creep in. but nothing seems to knock collin kaepernick off his plan. >> the way he controls the offense is not surprising. we see it all the time. we do get to watch it. once we settle down and do what we have to do in defense and just watch it on the jumbotron.
10:58 pm
>> that boy is fast. >> reporter: there's always something that we do that's surprising. but his talent is elite. and you know the sky is the limit for him. i'm sure we're going to be seeing more and more stuff that he can do that's going to surprise everybody. >> why not enjoy breakfast and brunch with us on sunday. start the day with our own ktvu nfc championship pregame. the game at noon capped off with the postgame. and buster posey met with yogi berra. also today giant's outfielder pence signed to a 3 million years. and you want a health tip,
10:59 pm
make your strawberry margaritas with your bicycling power. that's sports as we see it. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and join us in the morning, we'll be following the sexual assault allegations against michael crabtree. go niners. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.


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